Full Name
Gian Power
Job Title
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
TLC Lions
Speaker Bio
In 2015, an unexpected family tragedy changed Gian’s life forever. When returning back to work, Gian saw the power of being able to share his emotions and being his full self at work and decided to leave PwC to set up TLC Lions. Lion coming from his and his father’s middle name. Gian brought together 25 ordinary people with extraordinary stories globally to share their real life stories and life-changing experiences at large organisations around the topics of Mental Health, Inclusion and Talent Development. Gian is one of TLC Lions’ key storytellers and shares his experience of managing his mental health whilst coping with a family tragedy and the high demands of the corporate world. Through his story he highlights the importance of empathetic leadership, managing one’s own mental health and building resilience. In his talks Gian often shares his practical tips for self-care and some of the coping mechanisms that allowed him to find strength in tough times.
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Gian Power