Full Name
Mark Godwin, PharmD
Job Title
Director, Clinical and Specialty Programs
Speaker Bio
Mark Godwin, PharmD received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University College of Pharmacy located in Atlanta, GA. He joined the clinical pharmacy team at UnitedHealthcare Employer and Individual in August 2011. Dr. Godwin has over 20 years of experience in the area of specialty pharmacy practice with a focus on providing pharmacy care to patients with HIV and hepatitis C, as well as those patients who have undergone an organ transplant or are being treated for cancer. In addition to his PharmD, Mark is credentialed as an HIV Pharmacist (AAHIVP) by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and is a Certified Specialty Pharmacist as credentialed by the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board.

Mark leads the clinical team supporting specialty pharmacy programs which includes clinical support services, evaluation of clinical studies, analysis of plan-specific clinical programs and initiatives, recommendations for cost containment opportunities and analysis of plan performance related to specialty medications. He works collaboratively with OptumRx and Optum Specialty Pharmacy around specialty program development, member experience and outcomes.
Mark Godwin, PharmD