Full Name
Marlene Muglia
Job Title
Director, US Global Health & Well-Being Benefits
Speaker Bio
Marlene Muglia is a curator of employer sponsored Health & Financial Well-being benefit programs. With over 30 years of experience she currently serves PwC US and its global offices where she redefined the continuum of care from prevention to well-being through managing exposure of health and finances. Her passion for emotional health and fitness takes her contribution to the field to the next level in helping large populations achieve their maximum potential.

Marlene graduated Pace University with a degree in Statistics and achieved a Master of Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University. She is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialists and holds client advisory positions with several organizations and key industry groups. While she currently spends most of her time in Florida, she still consideres New York her home. Marlene is a Registered Yoga Teacher and loves to explore the therapeutics of aromatherapy.
Marlene Muglia